How To Use Management Classes To Desire

And in both of those cases when you’re doing between criteria you’ve got to be careful sometimes you want to include the upper and lower other times you want to only include one either the lower or the upper all right control enter and that will add between those two dates if you have actual serial numbers then you have to do.

The construction where we use comparative operators and join them to our criteria all right so our criteria range both time is going to be dates and watch this for our criteria I’m going to say greater than or equal to.

management classes

All in double quotes and then join it this is a serial number so up here some ifs properly interpreted this text here it will properly interpret the serial number join to the text now watch this here’s a great tree if you have a certain function argument that you have and you want to highlight you can click on the screen tip and highlight it not only that but you can evaluate it to see what it is what it evaluates to what the formula.

Thinks it is I’m gonna hit the f key that’s evaluate now I want to immediately undo that using control Z but just for a moment see that’s much different than this and some ifs countifs all those functions will interpret it correctly control Z all right kamo we got our date arranged for a second time now I’m going to do criteria in double quotes less than or equal to in double quotes join and there’s our serial number close parenthesis and control enter very useful sometimes you have to summarize by months and.

You can have a column of beginning end or years or whatever it is now let’s do our third example we want to count between and all of the units that fall within this category for this nth one however we will include the lower limit but not the upper limit so we’ll see some ifs we’re gonna get our some range and.

Guess what all three times we will highlight the unit’s column so some range and then we have two criterias on this between criteria is one way to think of it and criteria both of these have to be met so double quotes greater than or equal to n double quotes and join it to the lower.


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